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Our hope in producing Mind and Heart is that you can learn how to contemplate, to pray, and to give to others what you have learned so that you can be that witness and that light to other people. Therefore, I invite you to join our digital community and subscribe to us on YouTube, find us on Twitter, or listen to this podcast on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you find podcasts. 

When we talk about mind and heart, both are essential to our spiritual life, to our growth in holiness.

We use Lumen Ecclesiae Press and Lumen Ecclesiae Digital to reach you and speak to you on your smartphone, in your home, wherever you may be so that we can bring you a message that will hopefully feed your mind and touch your heart. We hope that this allows you to experience the joy of what it is to know the person of Jesus Christ.

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As we spend time together in the other productions of Mind and Heart, we’ll dive deeper into education and virtue and really understand why it is so essential to our Catholic identity. So, I will be able to unpack that for you a little bit more in the upcoming episodes and articles. 

Here is an overview of some of the works that we’ve done in Lumen Ecclesiae Press:

Includes the beautiful artwork of Fra Angelico – a visual to help you pray
The Disciple of Christ-Education in Virtue: Mini-Series originally aired on EWTN, is now available to view on our YouTube Channel
An all-encompassing source for ‘echoing down’ the doctrines of the Faith
Written by the Sisters providing a much-needed inside view to vocation discernment

There are many people with whom we cross paths, and you never know who the next special guests may be. So always check back. We will be here, walking with you, illuminating the path as we go forward and journey on our way towards eternity.


Sr. John Dominic Rasmussen is a Foundress and General Editor of Lumen Ecclesiae Press for the Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Her podcast Mind and Heart can be downloaded every Monday at 3:00 p.m. EST from iTunes. A visual presentation of the podcast can also be seen on YouTube at GoLEDigital.

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