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As we share various dimensions of our life as Dominicans Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, our first hope is always to bring God and the virtue of hope to you. Mother Assumpta, our Prioress General of the community, has read thousands of your requests for our sisters to teach in your schools. As much as our hearts ache and desire to be literally everywhere, it is not possible, so we try to think outside the box. While, unfortunately, we can’t meet each of you personally to connect, we do try to reach and inspire you through many other avenues, including resources like our newsletter, website, articles, podcasts, videos, books, and music.

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Our bi-annual newsletter, Mater Eucharistiae, goes everywhere around the world to thousands of people. At 60-plus pages, the newsletter includes a collection of pictures that provide an opportunity to see the mystical body of the church. This, along with all the other portals, allow you to see so many beautiful things that the sisters are a part of.

One of these things is the Eucharist, and the strength and positivity it brings about. Does it not take faith to say, “I am receiving the second person of the Blessed Trinity in the flesh and blood reality?” But does that look and seem like a person? Can you, by your senses, take this as a person? Can you take it as the God-man, a human person and a divine person? Can you believe that you are grabbing, holding, and talking to him? It takes faith. And I think that’s where we cut ourselves short sometimes. We get into the negativity, and we don’t look at the beautiful things that are coming out.

Secondly, you get to see snapshots of our various missions in Texas, Arizona, California, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Rome, etc. Through the newsletter and the many other portals, you are a part of that rapidly expanding mystical body of church. Through the beautiful use of the technology that God has given us, we can come to you through goledigital.org, and you can read, watch, and listen to various aspects of our family. Hopefully, you, too, can become a part of our family by praying for us. We can all become better people through the goodness in each other’s spirituality.

People who receive these newsletters often ask, ”How do you get everywhere in such a short amount of time?” God, in His goodness and mercy, gives us so many beautiful vocations, many of whom come to us through our various communications portals. As we preach and teach through these communication portals, a burgeoning vocation is being prepared and nurtured spiritually, mentally, and even physically. Because we can’t physically be everywhere, these tools of communication are our way of providing help and spreading hope that we may otherwise not necessarily be able to do.

The virtue of hope is one that we need to uphold for the entire world. It is what allows us to have a strong grasp on our life on days we feel as though we are falling down the cliff. So plug into what your sisters and my sisters are doing in the mystical body of Christ. From the little children that are entrusted to us in schools, all the way up through college-aged students and into seminaries, we are teaching that entire vast gamut of ages.

Our communications spread beautiful, hopeful meditations, and encourage people to remember that God loves us beyond ourselves. He loves us even in our weaknesses. He doesn’t say to us, “How truly good are you?” He says to us, “Do you love me?” And we might say, “Yes, but I know I don’t prove it because I’m so impatient.” And we list our major litany of all our downfalls and all the things that keep us away from Him. But He never stops loving us and saying, “I know that. I know you better than you do. I could make your list even longer, but it doesn’t really matter because you love me. Together, we will make your life something beautiful, and we will see you in heaven.”

Please check out some of these beautiful ways we can come into your homes and hearts. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, you can do that on sistersofmary.org or through goledigital.org. You may even want to subscribe to and download our podcast and subscribe to our YouTube page there. We want to stay connected on this path to holiness. God bless you.


Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP is a Foundress and Vocations Director for the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Her podcast And The Truth Shall Set You Free can be downloaded every Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST from iTunes. The podcast can be seen on YouTube at GoLEDigital.

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