Drawing You with Bands of Love | Sr. Magdalena, O.P.

Sr. Magdalena was born and raised in California to parents in the medical profession. Pursuing a career in Sports Medicine, the Lord drew her to Himself where she could no longer resist His call. She wanted to give everything – not halfway – but everything!

Sr. Magdalena, O.P.: It was very difficult, especially when I got older because I thought, “Well, how do I live my faith on my own? It doesn’t seem like it’s the most popular thing to do.” And so, it kind of gave me a little crisis of faith until I actually went off to college and found a Catholic community. I saw the difference that it makes to be with other young people who share the same Faith.

(With that said,) Religious Life was probably the last thing on my mind because I just thought, “No, I want a family. I love family. I love being around my brothers, my aunts and uncles, and cousins.” And so, for me to give that up was almost, you know, unthinkable.

But it’s interesting because God doesn’t just drop a vocation on you; it’s really a calling. He’s drawing you with bands of love to Himself. It was beautiful because what I was so resistant to in the beginning, became almost unbearable. I couldn’t resist, I couldn’t get enough of the Faith.

(So the question became,) “What am I holding back? Because everything that I value now and that I love, You have given to me first. So what can I give You?” And, very clearly in prayer, God said, “Give Me your heart,” and I thought, “Our hearts are the one thing that we have complete and total possession over and God gives us the freedom to give our hearts to whomever we want.” At that moment I just felt so uplifted and I said, “Yes, Lord!”

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