Walking in the footsteps of St. Dominic (spiritually, physically and now electronically!), Lumen Ecclesiae Digital provides a much deeper ability to take part in St. Dominic’s original vision of ‘Lumen Ecclesiae’ which means  “Light of the Church.”

Lumen Ecclesiae Digital—or “L. E. Digital”— was created as a response to many requests for the beautiful and joyous life of the Dominican Sisters of Mary to be shared more widely. The Sisters cannot be everywhere physically, but through L. E. Digital, and her literary print counterpart, Lumen Ecclesiae Press, we hope to present the world with an abundance of opportunities to engage with uplifting content.

There are various opportunities to connect with Beauty, Truth, and Goodness through the areas of education, vocations, and culture. We have a unique opportunity to be present in all corners of the world through our shows. You can subscribe to any of our podcasts for audio, subscribe to our videos on Youtube, or enjoy all the content including full article transcripts here on our site.


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For more information about the Sisters of Mary, feel free to visit their website sistersofmar.org